Why choose our software?

Our solution offers many advantages in addition with the huge choice of models included in the database: cost savings, gain in speed, productivity, ease of use… Discover in detail all the advantages offered by Car Data Cut system.


The advantages:

  • Return on investment guaranteed by a productivity increase after just the first few months of use.
  • More than 500 models, with daily updates
  • The ability to cut a whole car in less than 2 minutes
  • Optimised use of raw material with minimal loss
  • Costs brought down for cutter blades
  • Labour time on each car takes on average one hour less than a with a manual cut
  • Helps non-experienced technicians focus mainly on film installation on the car
  • Time spent for technicians training is reduced
  • Less stress for the technician when dealing with complicated cars thanks to accurate technical information
  • Technical helpdesk available Monday to Saturday for equipment and car installation
  • Allows vinyl film, Total covering and signs installers to diversify their activity with a low cost investment
  • Cutting of buildings film is also possible with our software (for windows with a maximum width equal to the width of the roll, to minimize waste).

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